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PLEASE NOTE: Jewelry with *antiqued* parts should be cleaned with caution - when using any cleanser; even the cleansers in professional cleaning cloths - as it could easily remove the antiqued finish!


 Clean your *handmade* jewelry with
a soft, dry, clean cloth only! 

Use a soft old shirt, a piece of flannel or cotton, or an old pillowcase.

  Do not use jewelry dips or abrasive cleaners on gemstones. 

Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner, ammonia or other chemical solutions which may cause discoloration.

Do not immerse your semi-precious gemstone jewelry in water or any other liquids.

That being said, I had a lady come back years later to have her bracelet cleaned.  I was excited to see what it looked like because she never took it off!  Not to shower, not to wash dishes, never!  She said it was like a security blanket for her.

It was well loved, rusty under the beads, a bit tattered and not as shiny.  I cleaned it up as best as I could and restrung it on my best stainless steel.  It was still rusty where the holes were, nothing I could do.  I gave her a hardcore latch, although she said she never took it off.  I shipped it back.  She was ecstatic to see her bracelet, back and better than ever, and I was glad to do it for her!  One of my best customers.  I want to make things you will LOVE!  When you love your things, you take care of them.  With handmade jewelry, less is more.  Wear it, rub it clean on your shirt, put it away, done.  If you do it simply, it will last a lifetime!


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