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Care & Cleaning of your Handmade Jewelry

PLEASE NOTE: Jewelry with *antiqued* parts should be cleaned with caution - when using any cleanser; even the cleansers in professional cleaning cloths - as it could easily remove the antiqued finish!

 Clean your *handmade* jewelry with a soft, dry, clean cloth only! 

Use a soft old shirt, a piece of flannel or cotton, or an old pillowcase.

Do not soak in water or jewelry cleaner or any liquids ever.

Do not use jewelry dips or abrasive cleaners on gemstones. 

Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner, ammonia or other chemical solutions which may cause discoloration.

Do not immerse your semi-precious gemstone jewelry in water or any other liquids.

Do not store semi-precious gemstones in direct sunlight.

Do not put your jewelry on until AFTER you have dressed and applied any cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, lotions and other chemicals. These can dull and even harm your jewelry.

Clean your jewelry after each wearing with a soft cloth before putting it away. This will remove the oils from your skin and debris picked up throughout the day and help prevent tarnish.

If you *just have to clean it* use baby wipes, and dry thoroughly with a hair dryer - but this is not recommended nor is it necessary as it may shorten the life of your jewelry!

Exposure to air, humidity, and moisture causes tarnish. To minimize tarnish, store your piece in a zip-top bag with the air squeezed out. If you can, store each piece separately in a good jewelry box.

As with all jewelry, do not wear in a swimming pool, hot tub, shower, or when washing dishes by hand, etc. and so forth. (Avoid liquids of any kind!)  Do not wear when using ammonia or bleach.  Bleach, including chlorine, will attack and dissolve the metal so that the more delicate parts will come undone.

Also, don't use rubber bands to wrap your jewelry bags together. As rubber bands age they release sulphur so don't keep any rubber bands near your jewelry or in your jewelry box.


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