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Welcome fellow space cadets and seasoned travelers!

*Me pictured above gathering jewels from space travels.




More About Me


Have you ever tried to fix a broken bracelet?  Oh, I have!  When those o-rings by the clasp would let go on my favorite bracelet, I cried!

In my teens and 20s, it was a disaster when something broke; a whole bracelet wasted because I couldn't bend a tiny piece of metal back into place!  Into the trash it would go.  Or in a weird box, in pieces stored away, never to be seen again.  How many times this happened to my favorite things?? Too many to count.  I vowed one day I would fix this stuff.  And now I can!

My hand crafted jewelry is STRONG and DOES NOT BREAK!  I use the right stuff, unlike my cheap counterparts. I made this stuff, originally, for my friends.  And I never cheapened out.  My jewelry is built to last.  I get the stuff you would buy for yourself

So many lovely pieces out there, but they all break so easily! Then came the requests for better jewelry, stronger jewelry.  "A more nicely beaded necklace, with this same pendant, and make it strong so it does not break again, please?  I just love this necklace..."
And so it began...


Who said your tools
cannot be beautiful!


For most of my life, I made jewelry for spiritual, religious, pagan, witchy and new age folks.  I dabbled in multiple religions, spiritual modalities, rock whispering, kundalini awakening, chakra activation, reiki healing, tai chi, yoga, eastern meditation,  etc... The list is truly endless.


And I have made jewelry for such things, considering my jewelry to be like Malas or Rosaries -  a tool used by the faithful in their spiritual practices and in their worship of the divine in all forms. 


This does not mean I understand any of it!!


I have made custom pieces for famous people many times.  No problem.  Step on up and ask!  It is a RARE GEM that finds this site as I do not promote it.  As a Sanyasini, I have no one to tell but me! (A wee bit of sanyass humor for the existentially minded.)
Your secrets are mostly safe here.

Psychics and Energy Workers are my best customers!

I let fate handle most of my life.  Some call it karma.   It is what it is.  I am a jewelry maker, not a guru - I am not here to answer spiritual questions although I get asked them quite often.  That being said, I am happy to offer help when I can.  I am a devout person, my whole life is my spiritual practice.  I am here because karma works for me.

 I am a blessed space cadet!

I know a wee bit about gemstones and I love beads and bobbles. 

"I am not the wizard ma'am, just a simple tool maker."

ALL cosmic travelers are WELCOME HERE!

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