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About Me: Jewelry made by an Energy Pyschic with very active chakras, chi, kundalini, & subtle body energies

  Sage of Space Jewelry is hand-crafted by Melissa, Energy Psychic  

Melissa is a Rock Whisperer and Energy Psychic.  She feels the subtle energies or Chi of many things, but is drawn mostly to the energies in running water, rocks, and trees.  She began by collecting rocks along the Hudson River in the 90s and from there  making jewelry naturally fell into place.  Melissa's favorite piece of jewelry is a simple medicine bag that contains one of the stones she found along the Hudson River - it has the "sweetest Chi".

Melissa became an Energy Psychic due to her intense spiritual practices and seeking.  She has constant activity in her meridians, chakras, third eye, and subtle body.  She has had multiple, intense kundalini experiences.  Melissa has new psychic abilities emerging spontaneously. grew out of this as part of her spiritual practice - worship of the Source.

Beadwork, crafting, and finishing is all hand crafted by Melissa.  Items are carefully chosen for their inherent metaphysical nature and energy signatures by Melissa.  Items are created, meditated on, dreamed about, talked to, listened to, contemplated at length, cared for, packaged, and shipped by Melissa.

Melissa has received many emails of thanks and encouragement and she deeply appreciates all your kind words and thoughts.

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Psychic Guide is Melissa's story, as it happens; with FREE HOW TO's, TIPS, & INSTRUCTIONS for others who want to become psychic and experience subtle energy such as chi, chakras, reiki, subtle body energy, vital airs, and kundalini.

Sage of Space