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Genie Bracelets, Angel Bracelets, Amethyst Crystal Bracelets

Amethyst Crystal Dream Bracelet
Blue Angel Bracelet 2
Blue Angel Bracelet
Blue Angel Bracelet 1
Genie Bracelet
Genie Bracelet
in Charoite & Amethyst Quartz Crystal. Inspired by "I Dream of Jeannie". Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, & Bindu Chakra. Where wishes & dreams manifest into reality.
item # 305 - $55


Pink Genie Bracelet

Genie Bracelet
in Rose Quartz Crystal & Rhodonite. Inspired by "I Dream of Jeannie". Honoring the Goddess of Love; the Love Genie in all of us.
item # 404 - $55


Crown Chakra Bracelet in Amethyst Crystal
Amethyst Quartz Crystal Bracelet  Promotes psychic abilities ESP, spirituality.  All-Healer with great meditative, purifying powers. Great all-around protection bracelet with soothing energies.
item # 377-2 - $75



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