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Angel Bracelet for Guardian Angels in Blue Angelite

Blue Angel Bracelet in Angelite made by an Energy Psychic to BOOST contact with Guardian Angels and the Angelic Realm Blue Angel Bracelet in Angelite
Angel Bracelet; Guardian Angels Angel Bracelet in Blue Angelite custom made to your size

Blue Angel Bracelet in Angelite; Angelite is a Powerful Angelic Gemstone.

Since time immemorial, Sages and Mystics have used Angelite to contact Angels,
Higher Beings, & Celestial Beings.  Mystics of Olde taught that certain Gems were used by Angels as Angelic Sense Organs; similar to how we use our eyes and ears.

Blue Angel Bracelet was created to boost contact with the Angelic Realm.

Blue Angel Bracelet will connect you to Higher Realms, Higher Knowledge, and enhances your psychic side.

Blue Angel Bracelet shields you and offers STRONG protection when you need it most.

Adjustable from 7 1/2 inches to 8 inches.
If you need another size, contact us before purchase.


Blue Angel Bracelet in Angelite

Item # 326 - $42


Metaphysical Properties of Crystals & Gemstones in this piece of jewelry:

Angelite: Connects you to spirit guides, guardian angels, higher self, & inner wisdom. Enhances psychic abilities, intuitions, over-all awareness of this world, the astral world, the spirit world & other worlds. Helps balance you on multiple levels of transcendence at once. Shields you from psychic attack and energy vampires. (Good for those who have reoccurring ear, throat, nose, sinus problems as it opens the throat and ear chakras). Keywords for Angelite: Serenity, Peace, Telepathy, Psychic, Astral travel, Protection, aura, calm, stress, overwhelmed, anger, forgiveness, communication, headaches, divinity, hearing.

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