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Blue Angel Bracelet, Guardian Angels, Blue Chalcedony & Angelite

Blue Angel Bracelet|Guardian Angels|Angelic Jewelry Blue Angel Bracelet|Guardian Angels|Angelite
Guardian Angel Bracelet|Angelite Angel Bracelet|Psychic Energy|Angelic Realm
Guardian Angel Bracelet|Angelite Angel Bracelet|Psychic Energy|Angelic Realm

Blue Angel Bracelet, Guardian Angels, Blue Chalcedony & Angelite.
Blue Angel Bracelet was created to boost contact with the Angelic Realm. 

A very dreamy, other-worldly piece.
You will LOVE this Blue Angel Bracelet!

Since time immemorial, Sages and Mystics use Angelite to contact Angels,
Higher Beings, & Celestial Beings.  Mystics of Olde taught that certain Gems were used by Angels
as Angelic Sense Organs; similar to how we use our eyes and ears.

Blue Angel Bracelet offers you STRONG protection from the angelic realm
and your own guardian angels.  Combats the evil eye, curses, black magic, and bad dreams.

Adjustable from 7 1/2 inches to 8 inches.
If you need another size, contact us before purchase.

Blue Angel Bracelet in Blue Chalcedony & Angelite
Item # 326 - $42



Metaphysical Properties of Crystals & Gemstones in this piece of jewelry: 

Blue Chalcedony:  Boosts psychic abilities, clairvoyance, intuition, energy healing.  Connects  and balances the mind, body, and soul.  Gently removes negative energies such as anger and irritation, and eases communication.  Protection: psychic, emotional, and physical.  The Mystics of Old used Blue Chalcedony to combat the evil eye, curses, evil magic, and bad dreams.   Keywords for Blue Chalcedony: Gentle, dreamy, third eye, calm, peace, eyes are the windows to the soul, rapid healing, emotional stability, bad dreams, physical protection, mental protection, Goddess Sky, Universal Mind.

Angelite:  Angelic Stone.  Raises your consciousness to a higher attunement in order to connect you to all aspects of the Angelic Realm and to Angels.   Aids you in receiving guidance from Angels and Higher Beings.  Emotional Protection; makes a great worry stone.  Purifies and protects the Aura and Chakras.  Aids in Astral Travel.  Affects the Throat and Crown Chakras.  Do not store in direct sunlight, place in a drawer or jewelry box when not in use.


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