How To Focus & Raise Energy up to the Solar Plexus Chakra - the Seat of Power


The basics are:

     1.  Calm the energies down (get the workload off the bottom chakra)

2.   Focus the energies & build them up

     3.   Raise the energies up to the solar plexus chakra - the seat of power


There are 3 planes of existence, the gross, the subtle, and the causal.  On the gross level is physicality; your body, the earth, and physical objects. On the subtle plane is your mind, emotions, and intellect – the organs of perception.  On the causal level are the 3 gunas or energies that control everything in reality.  In the causal level these energies are in a seed state, until they cycle down through your subtle body.

On the subtle level, which contains the mind, emotions, and intellect, there are small blocks here and there.  This keeps the energy scattered and unfocused.  This leads to being tired, not sleeping well, pain, lack of motivation, confusion in decision making, etc.

Energy follows the mind, (mind follows the breath) so bring the mind up and the energy will follow.  Once the energy rises upward, it will take a ton of pressure off the lowest chakra and it will begin to work like it used to.

These are subtle practices though, so don't expect immediate results  Give it some time and gently work the practices into your life until they are just habits, otherwise the tendencies take over from the causal level and the practices just stop on their own (sort of like how people go on and off diets.)  The key is …be gentle and yet persistent.  You kind of have to sneak them in on yourself when you are not looking.  Think of your subtle body (mind, emotions, intellect) as your child, because it really is.  You have to coax it, teach it, and be gentle with it.  You can’t bully it and whip it into shape!


Ways to calm the lower chakras:

1.    Karma Yoga – give your worries to god or the goddess & take what comes, good and bad as a gift

2.    Hold your tongue – don’t say negative things, hold yourself back, seal your lips

3.    Focus inward, not outward.

4.    Bedtime Meditation

5.    Go to bed at the same time

6.    Learn to say no


Ways to Gather Chi, Focus, & Build Up Energy

1.    Your own Spiritual Practices

2.    Breathing Exercises

3.    Raw food – fruits & veggies

4.    Exercise – yoga, Tai Chi for liberation by John Milton (DVD), your own exercise routines


Ways to Raise the Energies up to the Solar Plexus Chakra    
      1.   Primary Focus Tools – wearing the Chi/Chakra Raising Bracelet and remembering your focus:

             You want to raise your energies to the solar plexus chakra (keep it in mind during your daily activities.

      2.    Solar Plexus Energy Raising Meditation

     3.   Using the intellect to make decisions, not the emotions or ego

     4.    Arise & Shine - how to defeat negative emotions, negative energies, and bad habits



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