How To Combat Fear


Emergency Breathing Technique:  Breathe in deeply and slowly, hold 3-5 seconds.  Breathe out deeply and slowly, hold for 3-5 seconds.  Repeat for 5 minutes.  This is an emergency method/first aid for the troubled mind.  This works in a pinch when nothing else will.  It switches your mind from fight/flight back to normal. 

If my mind is racing too much for me to get to sleep or work I use this method.  This will also work on anxiety and fear.

Never Ignore your fear!  It only grows and comes back if you do that.

Address each fear you have, as the fears arise - REPETITION is KEY over and over and over and over; until the practice is effortless and a firm habit.

Address each fear when it arises by any practice that works!

Some of the ones that worked for me are below.

(1) Physical a focus tool: rosary, bracelet, worry stone, etc.  RUB IT!  Do a physical thing with it.  This creates a space in the mind that is there to combat fear!

(2) Mental a mental practice - such as "These are thoughts about _______  are in my mind, but they are not me, they are just thoughts.  I am free from these thoughts. ha

(3) Spiritual a spiritual practice - chanting, praying, surrender the fear to your deity, offer every single action you do over and over, offer all results, good and bad to your deity.

(4) Study and practice breathing exercises - they really help!

(5)Take the point of view of the person outside your own mind, watching all the conflicting views.  There are many people in each person's head, choose wisely which one to listen to. if any!  You are not the angel nor the demon on the shoulder - remember the old cartoons?  You are the observer of both of them, but you are not them. 

Right now your mind is filled with memes given to you by other people: your parents, friends, foes, peers, religions, TV, movies, etc.  Just remember they are *just thoughts* in your mind, and they are not you, keep repeating this fact to yourself over and over until you know it like you know a car is a car and a house is a house.

  This will give you the faith in the intellect that you need to get vanquish any fear as it arises.  This will teach you how to take control and drive your mind instead of being in the backseat.  This is the number 1 practice, without this practice implemented you are nothing but a helpless victim of your own mind's fears and desires.

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