Psychic Practices for Advanced Souls

Psychic Practices will clean up your mind, which in turn opens you up more and more to psychic and spiritual worlds. You need a pure mind and self discipline to make lasting progress down this path, otherwise you will misinterpret any and all of your psychic visions, thoughts, behaviors, psychic impressions, psychic abilities, etc., and get literally stuck inside your own "dream" of reality that has nothing to do with the real world.  Just look around on the internet at all of the misinterpretations, half truths, and insane ramblings of those who are out of touch with reality and decide if you really want to go down that same  path - if you don't, keep reading!

Preemptive Cultivation: Trace It Back!

Karma is an impersonal force. People really do not have good karma or bad karma. Karma is simple preemptive cultivation: you are now - what happened hours ago, your immediate reaction to it, and timely your response to it.

Those who don’t learn to mold and shape their destiny are thrown around like dust in the wind, going whichever way the wind blows, literally. This happens when your habits, behaviors, thoughts, and actions become so ingrained that they are no longer voluntary. Habits, behaviors, even thoughts over time become obsessions and compulsions.

If you are tired, think about what you did a few hours ago. You did something that made you tired now: you ate a large carbohydrate meal, or you drank 3 cups of coffee and now your coming down from the caffeine, or may be you didn’t get enough sleep last night. Begin to pay attention to the before time - trace it back, just a few hours and dispassionately take notes. Write it down, it really helps.

Take a good look at these things – dispassionately. Do not berate yourself or feel guilty, observe yourself and your habits with dispassion. If you do not have dispassion, cultivate it; make dispassion your best friend. 

If you feel good now, trace it back. What were you doing a few hours ago? What were you thinking? You may want to cultivate that again so that this good feeling comes again.

If you are wondering - what does this have to do with psychic abilities? Well, it has everything to do with them!  When you have a psychic impression or experience - trace it back.  Cultivate what you did previously; figure it out.  This whole site - my "Guide" is just that - I am tracing it back and discovering which practices worked for me and which practices held me back psychically.  Not only is this a psychic practice, but it is a spiritual one, and it also works like a charm in the real world for everything. 

Action flows from your understanding and knowledge - there is no instruction booklet or recipe that has a step by step plan - you have to figure this stuff out on your own by doing your own spiritual footwork and cutting your own spiritual teeth.  If you are incapable of figuring this stuff out and you are still looking for the step 1, step 2, step 3 - that means you are tamasic (dull minded) and you need to cultivate sattva first - keep reading!

Contemplation: Live a Life That is Inwards, Not Outwards

Outwards is toward the senses. Everyone freaks out and starts worrying so you join them. Something happens unexpectedly and you get upset. Every time someone walks by, you look up from your work – these are all outward flowing senses and outwards flowing energies.

To gain psychic abilities and deeper spirituality, you need to have your senses and energies flowing back inwards. You become a closed circuit and you build up your psychic energies and chi.  When they are stored up to a certain point, you will have experiences and healing - it is as simple as that!  But to do this you have to stop wasting your energies on every shiny thing that catches your eye. You must stop being a slave to your senses. You must develop dispassion, equanimity, self discipline, etc.

You need to meditate, contemplate, and use the intellect to discriminate your helpful thoughts and behaviors from your unhelpful ones so that you can cultivate the helpful ones and flick off the unhelpful ones. If you cannot do this, you will misinterpret all of your psychic visions, thoughts, behaviors, psychic impressions, psychic abilities, etc.

Think of it this way – it is like putting clean water through dirty pipes. The clean water is the psychic impression; the dirty pipes are your habitual thoughts, opinions, bad habits, compulsions. Do you want to drink that water? Hell no! Why not?

If you do not clean that stuff up now – even if you have grand experience you will not be able to understand it nor assimilate what you have learned into any helpful information that you can use in the future. You will simply be another person in the vast spiritual world who has had a crazy experience and went nowhere with it.

The spiritual world is not lacking in experience, quite the contrary, it is full of people having every type of experience that can be had!  It is nothing new and it is nothing special.  (So put away your "specialness" hat and get to work cleaning up your mind!)  Most people are experience whores – they can’t wait for the next experience! But there are not too many who have an inkling of what these experiences really mean, why they have them, how to have repeat experiences, or what they can do with the experiences they have had.

Sacrifice your Likes & Dislikes: Dispassion is your best friend

The reason dispassion is your best friend is because it will neutralize your likes and dislikes, setting you free from your habits, behaviors, thoughts, obsessions, and compulsions. The more you feed your habits, behaviors, thoughts, obsessions, and compulsions - the hungrier they become; their mantra is “More, better, different!” - Constantly modifying every single thing that happens as it happens.

This is the opposite of dispassion and this will lead you down the worldly path. There is nothing wrong with the worldly path and many are happily on it, but it leads away from spirituality, higher abilities, and Divine Union. Remember, what you feed – grows!  So be careful what you feed!

The path or the way is not leading you toward your likes and dislikes; the way is leading you to sacrifice your likes and dislikes in order to find what you are searching for. As long as you are being held hostage by your likes and dislikes of “things”,  or "the way things should be", your mind will not be free or at peace and can’t have these experiences - you will be severely limited (a limited adjunct.)

Your likes and dislikes limit everything! Learn to let go of them and enjoy what is happening to you right now, without wanting to modify it, fix it, help it, demand more of it, or run away from it.

Persistence is Number One

Change happens in inches, not miles.  And it happens to those who persist, not those who give up easily.

The intellect is the highest function of the subtle body and subtle energy. You dispassionately observe, you take notes, you learn, slowly, inch by inch, you alter your behavior to be more “in tune” with your goals.  This is the way!

Regardless of how much you want or need to change (right now today!), change happens in inches, not miles.

Do not be hard on yourself, but do not give up. Do not ever give up! Never! Ever! Ever! Make this your unending goal. But do not expect it all to happen overnight. The people that do seem to have it happen overnight – did all the footwork when you were not looking. Everyone has to work to get to that point, period; end of story. There are no short cuts. If you are here, now, and feel you do not deserve to be, then it is by divine grace that you are, so feel grateful, but even grace is earned. Everything in this world is earned in one way or another; there is no way to beat the system in the psychic and spiritual world, even if it looks that way to some novices.


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