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Psychic Openings Free Guide: how to become psychic


Psychic Openings Free Guide is 100% free and you can ask questions.

Psychic Openings Free Guide was developed from my years of direct experience and knowledge of psychic openings, psychic abilities, and psychic phenomena.  Lots of people have psychic and spiritual experiences; the spiritual world is full of people having such experiences! Experience by itself, alone, is worthless without direct knowledge behind it.  Direct knowledge gives you the understanding to assimilate and utilize your experience.

If you have searched the internet and found the bullshit that's out there on these topics, you will breathe a sign of relief that you found this FREE GUIDE!  There is so much CRAP on the internet it really is hard to dig through it and find the gems.  On this site, I have done the work for you and given you the cliff notes.

 If you want to become psychic or hone your psychic skills, click here. 

The info below is for those having psychic opening right now.

(1) Books

Reading is really step 1; gathering information. 

I spent YEARS reading the autobiographies of saints of different religions and tons of stuff on kundalini  shakti experiences. (If you hate religion and you can't do this - you need to cultivate dispassion first.)

Read about the saints - their autobiographies. Don't bother with commentaries or with what other people think about them; read what the actual saints wrote in their own words, about their own experiences. Do this with any religion or all of them. Get familiar with the terms and concepts they use, learn how their life made these experiences happen, and how different people respond to these abilities.

For instance, when I read Saint Teresa of Avilla's books - she describes being stabbed through the heart by an angel's sword with love for God. I wept when I read that - because I knew what she meant. I had my heart chakra open too, and that's what she was talking about! There was no doubt in my mind...  We had both experienced the same thing, and given it different words.


(2) Scared?

If you are scared, there are a few things you can do that really help.

A mantra is number 1 - give the mind a focal point. My first mantra was “help healing medicine”; I repeated that over and over when things got weird.  I also repeated Hail Mary’s a good deal in the beginning.  I would repeat those  until I went to sleep at night.  Feel free to use this one and make more of your own.  Pinpoint concentration such as focusing on your breathing, the tip of your nose, and mantras will help you to have a breakthrough moment psychically and help you with fear, terror, insomnia, etc.  I practiced meditation every night in bed and I still do.

If things get weird or you get overwhelmed and scared, focus on breathing deeply, thinking a mantra or the tip of your nose.  Really feel the tip of your nose.  One time while meditating,  I became the whole universe and the only thing that grounded me was I could still feel the tip of my nose!

Have a crystal, rosary, ring, or some kind of tool you can hold when you meditate or at night in sleep if you have nightmares.  It will give you a focal point, help ground you, and give you an escape route.  I make bracelets for just this.  I used one myself for years and it really helped.

For more info on combating fear, click here.


(3) Subtle energy

We have a subtle body, but we are just not aware of it.  This body is full of NEW organs that we have never "felt".  A lot of the sensations new psychics feel are these new organs becoming known to them.  They often mistake these to be their own heart and lungs and other organs.  It takes years of meditating and getting used to feeling these organs before you can be sure of what they are.  Note too that sensations coming from these organs are often mistaken to be human feelings when they are not.  For instance, human fear feels a lot like the psychic impression of sounds hitting the chakras both have a a startle fight/flight sensation; one really is adrenalin and one is not - but if you do not understand this and you are not dispassionate, you will make yourself experience adrenalin in response to the psychic impression - and this type of effect leads to mental imbalance.  Your view or reality will be skewed and way off the mark.

Energy psychics begin to notice their subtle body and have Kundalini awakenings and begin to feel Chi or qi.  The more I read on chakras, chi, meridians, etc., the more I felt energy.  My Chi Kung Master says Yi is what drives the energy through the meridians, and just thinking about it will make it happen. Yi is the driver, the energy is the car, the meridians are the highway.  And it doesn't take much, most people just lack the ability to enter the subtle realm with their mind – so they are totally blind to it. 

To develop my subtle energy I did: yoga, tai chi, qigong, meditation, deep breathing,  etc.  I studied chakra charts, meridian charts, and read about subtle body energies.  The more I paid attention to these sensations, the more they grew.  Meditation helped me the most of all my practices.  In the beginning, I meditated 2-3 hours a day.  I always meditate to sleep at night and some nights I go into yoga nidra, which is a state where you are below sleep, yet totally aware.  The more you develop and play with your subtle energy, the more it grows.  You have to use it to learn.  The energy is your best teacher.  Listen to it, learn from it, trust it.

But, don't trust anything 100%.  In fact, doubt everything at least half!  Especially when you are completely sure.  Don’t be so quick to think your interpretation of energy is correct.  Be open to it meaning something entirely different that what you intuit.

For instance, when I first felt energy, it was sounds.  Every little sound startled me.  I felt like I was having hundreds of little adrenalin attacks a day!  It was awful.  I was all hyped up, my heart skipping!  Whew!  Later I learned I wasn't having adrenalin at all it – I was metaphysically “feeling” the sounds psychically!  But until I realized this and began to look at it a whole new way – it really scared and stressed me out.  I thought everyone was overly loud and noisy!   I thought I was having the fight/flight response happen to almost every sound, even the almost silent ones such as another person’s breath!  Once I let go of thinking it was adrenalin, I no longer was stressed out by the feeling.  I began to just feel psychic impression for what it was -  instead of it stressing me out. 

Then I began to notice some people gave off this feeling.  When they walked by me, my gut sank,  I flushed embarrassed, and I felt adrenalin – but these were all psychic sensations, and not real feelings I felt.  I ran away from people who made me feel this way!  I think they may be able to suck energy from others, these people.  I don't think they even know they are doing it.

Lots of people start giving away energy once they know they have it.  My Chi Kung Master advises strongly against this.  You have to learn about how to gather energy from the universe before you give any away – otherwise you are giving them your vital chi which will shorten your life.  You cannot replace vital chi.

Feel the sensation, witness, observe, but don't attach to it. Cultivate dispassion. Don't believe any of it 100%.  Don’t interpret what you feel, just observe and contemplate..  Once you decide what it means, you quit learning.

Keep a diary of psychic impressions, sensations, etc.

At the core, or the closer you get to the Source of All, the senses all combine into 1.  At this point, you will see sounds, and feel colors, etc. This happens to me all the time now.  I have become one with many things, including the dishwasher and water going down the drain – all through “feeling” sounds.


(4) Focal Point - Pick Your Modality

Pick a modality and stick with it.  It doesn't have to be your favorite.  You can choose other modalities later, but pick one at first that you will learn everything about.  I picked rocks.  Through learning about the metaphysical properties of rocks, handling them, feeling their essence and power, and making them into jewelry I have learned a lot.  By learning about rocks, I inadvertently  learned about colors, chakras, energy, chi, qigong, tai chi, and much, much more.

This will be your base, your “ground” and it will help you to get a feel for other modalities and relate to them.   It also will keep you from getting suckered in by too many new things at once.  There is so much to know and learn that it can get overwhelming.  A whole new world is opening up.

Try to keep your modality neutral so that you can talk to most anyone about anything, but always remember not to throw your pearls before swine.   Choose wisely who you share with, people are cruel and most people do not understand energy.  I was totally skeptical of all psychic phenomena before this happened to me. In fact, I though psychics were frauds - nothing more than cheap carnival tricksters.  Boy was I wrong!


(5) Trust & Let Go!

Once you enter the psychic realm, there are really no real words that explain this stuff.  Most of it is written in veiled metaphors, allegories, and pictures such as alchemy.  Most people take the metaphor as being real and never see beyond it – like the story about the finger pointing at the moon.

If you don’t hold onto too tightly to any beliefs or opinions you can begin to see that all modalities are pointing toward the inner teacher and towards what lies beyond conceptual thought.  Explaining the unexplainable is never easy.

You do NOT have to decide what it means right now this very second! LET GO!  Allow this to happen to you.  Don't rush to make sense of it. Let go, allow it to happen, and place your trust in it or in God or whatever you believe in.  You must trust and find a balance.

Your number 1 job is to learn to trust the energy and yourself Feeling energy & having psychic impressions is a great honor and a great blessing, even if you are scared!  Be grateful, be thankful, live lightly & live joyfully.  You have earned it!

“Trust” is a good mantra!  Trust yourself and trust that nature will take care of it – this is a completely natural process that happens only when you are ready for it.  The more you trust and open yourself to it – the more experiences you will have. 

These energetic forces are impersonal.  The energies, karma, subtle bodies, astral energies, auras, chi, shakti (whatever names you give these concepts) - are all impersonal forces that occur all the time!  I call it "the Grand Machine" - impersonal forces that are just cogs in the machine - they do not have a mind and these forces are not aware of you as a person! (You can learn to manipulate them to your benefit though.)

Most people are simply blind to these forces.  And just because you 'feel' or 'sense' it now does not mean it was not happening to you before you could feel it!  And it will continue to happen to you rather you feel it or not.

The sensations or sensing of psychic energy of it has nothing at all to do with it being on or off.  The ability to sense energy may come and go, but If the energies were off, you would be dead.   I have been told stories from psychics that their abilities left them; it does happen.


(6) Insanity

Once you enter this realm you really have 2 choices:

(1) Surrender your life to God, the Goddess, or The Path (what ever it is you believe in, whatever name you call it) and accept what comes 


(2) Follow the ego: spiritual 'specialness', helping others, saving the world, etc.  until you literally burn out.

You must develop DISPASSION and keen observation IMMEDIATELY or you may have serious mental & emotional problems.  You have to detach from what is happening to you; you have to be mature and grow up very fast.  A ton of these psychic impressions can be taken the wrong way by your ego (and usually are) - and seen as psychic attacks or evil or any other bad thing that lingers in your mind.  If you go that route - you are doomed. 

Or worse, psychic impressions on a damaged mind - one that was not given enough love as a child - can and will cause a giant spiritual ego.  You won't live in reality and you will not evolve spiritually or socially.  Your psychic impressions will all be taken the wrong way by you - and you will think they mean something far out, you will not be able to make heads nor tails of them.  You will make up fantastic stories about what you think they are or what they mean - the internet is full of these types of people.  Having these types of experiences is nothing new and not really very special, sad but true; the spiritual world is full of people having spiritual experiences! Think about it!

Realize that all this stuff sounds insane.  Only half-believe any of it.  Always doubt everything, even when you are sure.  Remain a judge-less witness, an impartial observer even of yourself.  DOUBT is one of the highest functions of the subtle body - doubt is your friend!

Just because you are open to the metaphysical world, doesn't mean that every crazy thing you ever heard is now true.  I don't believe in aliens for instance.  Learn to say “I don't know”, even to yourself.

Don't take yourself seriously.  Be joyful and positive, that is your natural state: get in touch with joy and tune your body towards it.

When you feel something like adrenalin, don't automatically assume that you know what it is, step back and observe and just receive the impressions.  Half the time I change my story after I experience something multiple times and get a clearer understanding of it.


(7) The Path & Your Teachers

A true teacher helps to lead you to your own inner teacher. They do not attempt to get you to rely on them more and more, but just the opposite!  A true teacher will insist you stand on your own spiritual feet!

The path you should take will become self evident.  To find your path, you must learn to listen to yourself and develop your own inner teacher.

Believe it or not - it is up to YOU to do something about this.  Every single human being must do their own spiritual and psychic footwork.  No one else can do it for you, no one else can simply hand it to you.

There is an old story where the student asked the teacher question after question about something until the teacher responded, "Should I chew your food for you too?"

If you don't do the footwork yourself you will not have LASTING results.  You will only have fleeting experiences. You really can't have other people chew your spiritual food for you!  It does not work that way.  Everyone gets what they worked for in the subtle realm.

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Click Here, this was just page 1!  Psychic Openings Free Guide - was developed from my years of direct experience and direct knowledge of psychic openings, psychic abilities, and psychic phenomena. Most of my story is on this site and I include lots of info about me on the "how to" pages.

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