When the spirit manifests it often does so through our physical bodies.  It will use our own body to commune and communicate with us.  It will also use our subtle & astral bodies - which in turn, we will feel in our physical body.  This is very important to understand – that our body is the link between us and higher abilities and other worlds.  (This includes: spiritual worlds, elemental worlds, all supernatural phenomena, and abilities such as ESP & psychic senses.)

The first real step is to becoming psychic is to get acquainted with the body‘s psychic organs.   Some will call these organs “spiritual” organs; it is one and the same.  Many devout people have had their spiritual organs become active simply due to their way of life; saints, shamans, mystics, etc.

Pay attention to sensations you have in the body at all times.  During normal hours, you don’t have to focus all of your attention on these sensations, but at least take a mental note of them.  I have a notebook that I use for this.  I write down the date and any strong sensations I had that day. 

One of the first feelings I had in my psychic organs was being startled by noises.  One of the next was feeling a shiver type sensation in my back – like there were bands on my back that did small batches of “the chills” – at least that is as close as I can describe it.

Once I began to really pay attention to these sensations and acknowledge them, they began to grow and take on a life of their own.  Encouraged by these sensations that I had, I began to meditate.  Meditation really boosted these feelings.  After meditating for a month, I began to have energy feelings in my feet.  I now have these energy feelings in my feet 24 hours a day.  At night when I lay down in bed, the energy in my feet begins to ascend up my legs without me doing a thing.  If you make meditation a regular practice and pay close attention to any sensations, this type of thing will naturally occur.

I began to read books on the body.  This helped me identify sensations and understand what they were on a very basic level.  It also gave me tons more body consciousness which boosted meditation and increased my awareness of energies in my body.  Some of the books I read on the body: Occult anatomy of Man, The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, and The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief.  And I looked at acupuncture meridians and kundalini charts.  There are also books that have exercises in them that use your psychic organs – which will build up your psychic organs and make them grow; Wisdom of the Mystic Masters & How to Know Higher Worlds.

For me, meditation was really the catalyst.  The more time I spent meditating, the greater was my result with attaining psychic abilities.  There are tons of other practices to help you, but you must pay close attention to the body and become STILL first.  Stillness is KEY to becoming aware of things outside the realm of what is today considered "normal".  Meditation is the number one stillness exercise.  Need some other exercises for your psychic or spiritual organs? -----> click here and scroll down to "Below is a list of things I do that make this happen".

There is an ancient symbol of a ladder to Divinity.  This ladder takes you away from the senses; touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing.  Away from the senses and toward Divinity.  Mystics of olde say the same thing – to reach for the stars you have to go in blind & deaf and learn to use new senses. This is the way to get the psychic senses to turn on - by not using your normal senses and remaining awake. Meditation accomplishes this more quickly than anything – it is the fast track to all psychic abilities and to knowledge of higher worlds and Divinity.  Meditation is the number one exercise that births the psychic organs and makes them grow big and strong.

I would meditate and afterwards, write in my notebook any feelings or sensations.  Later, I would search my books and the internet for similar things.

I had always had feelings in my body, even since I was a child.  Had I known to follow these sensations back then, who knows where I would be today.  But as a child I was scared to death of them.  One sensation that I had a lot as a child was the feeling of being startled awake as I was drifting to sleep.  Often I would become frozen in bed during sleep; today they call this “night terrors”.  I would also remain awake for hours.  It wasn’t until I read up on kundalini awakenings and really began to talk to people who knew and understood this stuff that I had any idea that these things were related to energy awakening within my body.  The startle response is felt when the mind encounters Light – and it is not adrenalin or even a real ‘startle’, its simply a shift in consciousness (we just don’t have words for such things yet.)  Night terrors are lucid dreams gone badly.  Being awake for hours on end – is called yoga nindra and it’s a deep state of meditation that yogis practice for years to enter.

I am just a normal person of average intellect.  And if these things happened to me as a child and continue to happen to me – they must be happening to other people also. 

When people shift their focus towards this area, these abilities begin to surface on their own. 

I spent years ignoring my physical sensations.  Basically I was a big chicken and in a way I still am.  This stuff is not all easy to do fun stuff.  Some parts have been quite scary: in sleep I’ve been thrown out of my own body and flung into space, during meditations I have had enormous weight on my chest that felt like it would crush me (these are called heart expansions), and during meditations I have felt darkness creeping up my left arm and chest (heart expansions).  I have also had all of this effect my sleep and waking hours in ways that I cannot explain.  Once you begin to enter these different states of consciousness your brain rewires itself and you are never the same; this metaphor applies “You can never go home again”.


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