Broken? How being broken leads to psychic abilities & spiritual experiences

Many of us come to this path because we are broken in some way.  I believe it is a prerequisite for this path.  Most of us have had mental and physical problems.  These types of problems do not keep you from becoming psychic, but quite the opposite – they are often the springboard.  Normal folks who are happy in this life rarely get a peek behind the curtain of reality to see its inner workings – they are too busy or not interested at all.  Those of us left in their wake often have little choice, these ultra-sensitivities we develop often overwhelm us until we break.

I was broken, and in many ways I still am and it is ok.  I prefer to be as I am.  I don’t want to fit in and I have never tried.  I consider myself a happy fringe dweller. 

If you are broken, like me, don’t despair – use it!  Use what you have to propel you down the path.  Embrace your brokenness, embrace your craziness!  It is YOU!

As a side effect of being a fringe dweller and being broken, I began to have psychic experiences.  After I had too many experiences to count, they almost stopped completely.  I was left wondering – how do I repeat them?  What had I been doing that I was not doing now?  What had brought them on?  Luckily for me, I had taken notes.  I had kept a diary down to the minute details of everything I did.  I used that info, and I collected info from the internet to identify and put these experiences into words, and I began to experiment until I could make myself have experiences. 

From all this, I have gained direct knowledge and experience of the 3 energies that propel us towards the psychic & spiritual experiences. 

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