Tired?  How to increase physical energy, chi, and sattva and feel like a kid again!

If you are tired and you are tired of being tired...

Everyone is born with a limited amount of vital chi or shakti (physical energy).  When the vital chi is completely depleted, the body dies.  From birth until the age of 20-25, the body is running mainly off of this vital chi; that’s why kids have so much energy; they are overflowing with vital chi.

I think of it as new car smell – around 25 this new car smell is gone, the vital chi is no longer overflowing and the body begins to run off of chi gathered from the environment; air, food, exercise, etc.  At this stage, if the person is not eating chi filled foods, breathing correctly, or exercising the vital chi will be used instead.  The body will feel tired, (not burnt out yet) but stimulants will fix this; coffee, tea, cigarettes, and sugar are commonly used to get the body and mind working up to a point.

If a healthy life style is not adopted, the vital chi is almost depleted by the time the body reaches its 40s and then the body will be “burnt out”, spent.  The body begins to fall apart at this point.  Stimulants stop working like they did once, and the body wants to rest more, especially after meals when the chi is being used to digest food it desperately needs to replace the vital chi.  Instead of rest and proper foods, most times the body is given bigger doses of stimulants.

Around the age of 40, most people who have lived unhealthy lives will crash.  Even though they are bone tired, they do not rest!  They have spent too much of their life fighting sleep with stimulants – they do not know how to rest.  In fact, they see resting as something bad and the tired feeling as a disease.

Vital chi can be replenished with the right foods, some light exercise like walking, and rest.  Stimulants will only make the body more tired once the vital chi is low so stimulants should be taken in moderation.


Food that is high in chi, high in shatki, or sattva, should be eaten for breakfast and lunch.  These foods include uncooked, fresh, whole fruit and cooked, whole vegetables.  Uncooked, fresh, whole fruit has the highest chi of all foods and it is very sattvic and high energy. 

Raw vegetables take more chi to digest so even though eating salad is a healthy thing, it will make a body that is already low on chi feel tired – the chi will be used to digest the food.  Fresh juice from vegetables is a high chi food because the body does not waste chi to digest the juice.  (Fresh Juice is not processed at all; not the stuff you buy at a grocery store, but juice you juice your self or get fresh from a health food store right from a juicing machine).

Meat and high carb foods like sugary treats, breads, and pasta will make the body crash also.  Save these foods for when you do not need energy –supper time or after work.

 A diet that is half fresh and half cooked is preferable to a diet of all cooked foods, because fresh uncooked foods are very high in chi.

If you are falling asleep after lunch, try a simple high chi diet for a few days to see how you feel.  Usually around day 3 you will begin to feel energy in the afternoon.  After a week or so the tiredness will go away.  If it doesn’t, you may need a brisk walk after lunch to combat it – if you are inactive at this time this is especially true (computer, desk work, TV watching, etc.) There are a few activities that gather chi that help also, such as tai chi, breathing exercises, and cultivating sleep!  Stop staying up late – instead crawl in bed an hour early with a book.  Make this a positive habit and you will be glad you did.  Your mind and body will thank you.

If you want to test this theory, as I did – do a 2-3 fruit feast; eat nothing but fresh whole fruit and eat as much of it as you possibly can!  Do not hold back, eat a lot!  And buy a ton of it because you will need to eat it every 2-3 hours.  And sleep!  You will be AMAZED at the energy you feel; it is like being a kid again.  Not only does your energy come back, but so does your motivation, joy, and the feeling that you could conquer the world!

Everyone is uniquely different – so each person should experiment and find which foods work the best for them.  I am still adapting my diet; I have found I can now tolerate whole wheat pastas and breads at lunch – in small quantities.  But, I have been eating a diet high in fruit for over 2 years now and I do practice other chi stimulating activities.

I highly recommend the book FORKS OVER KNIVES.  I recommend a champion juicer for those who do not have the time to cook – green juices will help greatly if they are made a regular part of the diet.

 If you are in menopause, add fennel (the plant, not the herb/seeds) to your green juice daily and walk a mile 3 -5  times a week – this helps with most menopause symptoms.  I've tried this myself and I continue to do it, it does work!


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