Psychic Energy


Types of psychic energy feelings and sensations (chakras kundalini shakti chi auras reiki subtle body)

(1)  Shifting sands/sands in an hourglass - "normal" type energy flow that I am used to feeling most all the time.
(2)  energy that feels like crushing or heavy energy movement
(3)  cold energy & heat energy
(4)  heart beat or blood pumping energy - took me years to realize this is not my heart nor my blood I am feeling.  Its a type of chi.  I moved what I thought what my heartbeat (it was beating in my big toe at the time) to my stomach with a single thought.  That was when I realized it was something. "new".... so I searched on it.  It is a type of Chi.
(5)  tingle-type energy, different from normal tingles, feels like when your foot is asleep and then wakes up - slightly painful and uncomfortable; may be this is stagnant energy?
(6)  bubbling energy - small and large - in the feet almost constantly
(7)  muscle twitches (feels like, but when I place my hand there nothing is really twitching)
(8)  magnetism feeling, usually occurs between my legs when both legs are full of energy
(9) Wuji Ball - felt in my lower stomach area.  Feel magnetic, size of a basketball, and it felt two sided with an equator.  It vibrated and hummed kinda.
(10) mild electrical type feelings - but not shocking like when you get shocked by actual electric.
(11) energy along meridians as shown in Traditional Chinese Medicine
(12) Kundalini and Chakra energy as shown in Hindi Folklore.
(13) Energy coming from my navel, super fast like a jet - subtle body
(14) Energy outside my body, about 6 inches in front of my body - subtle body

(15) Chakra Energy - felt as sounds hit my chakras.  The smallest sounds can over stimulate me and give me a startle.  At times, this chakra energy has been similar to being shell shocked and it was the hardest one to get used to.  (It is great to feel music hitting my chakras.)
(16) "Saw" energy in the form of a black cloud approx 6 feet in diameter after I complimented some one.  (Thought forms?)
(17) Was meditating and I "felt" the UPS guy looking for my house.  Somehow my mind connected with his for a few minutes and I felt him searching for my house number.  About 5 minutes later he pulled in with a package for me.
(18) Energy Vortex - I felt energy that sucked -  in the mountains, at a place called "the Furnace" and from people. This energy gives off feelings: of uneasiness, of anxiety, of being startled, and if it is big enough -  of being deathly afraid and you want to run away.  I have also felt energy that blew instead of sucked - most people are drawn to energy that blows (they say Sedona Arizona blows).  I noticed that normal people will avoid energy suckers.  Are the energy suckers psychic vampires?  I have no idea...  Some say energy moves in these 2 directions (sucking - blowing or out - in, if you prefer), period, and that it doesn't mean anything, we just experience it differently.
 (19) Energy when drifting to sleep.. felt the "sand" the sandman pours into us.. I felt descend into me, putting me to sleep.  I watched it happen - as an observer.  The "sand" went into my head, it felt like snow on the TV or when your foot falls asleep - sort of like pins and needles.  It went in, and slowly filled my head, as it did I drifted into a dream.  It was like someone was pouring it into a water-pitcher, my head was the water-pitcher.

I believe I always felt some type of energy, but mostly I assumed it was normal stuff.  Twitches or itchy feelings or small, tiny spots of skin would feel almost like an insect was crawling on it.  When I was young, it freaked me out and I turned it off as much as I could.  I did not understand it, know what it was, so I ran away from it and ignored it.  It happened a lot to me as I relaxed in bed, drifting off to sleep.
Once I began to meditate, practice yoga and tai chi, and fast - the psychic energy feelings came on strong. 

Quote below is from this site:

"a. The definition of qi sensation
The qi sensations are cool, hot, numb, itch, bloating, crawling, pain, sweat, tear, laugh, smell, eyewitness internal organ, witness color and hear sound, etc. Because of age, personality, disease, physical condition, experience and intelligence, the degree of qi sensation is different according to individual practitioners. eg. Take the sensation of hot for example. Some people feel hot, some feel just lukewarm, some feel hot as burning, some feel hot on fire. Different people feel the same sensation differently. Therefore, one cannot compare to how other people feel to determine and confirm the skill and technique.

b. No qi sensation does not mean no effect. The amount of qi sensation is determined by one's meridians, experience physical condition and external factors such as the body has contacted with electricity, stimulus, physical labor and medication. People generally said that they do not feel anything because they do not have any pre-experienced. These people do not know what to expect and do not know how to describe the feeling. If one paid closer attention to the body, one will find that there are positive sign such as sleep better, energetic at work, able to work longer hour without feeling tired and get sick. There are many healthy people who have no feeling after practice. If they think it is not effective, this is a wrong conclusion. Qi is a form of energy. When one practices, the flow of qi current increases inside the body. Rather one has feeling or not, the qi still circulate inside the body. As long as one is practicing, the result and improvement will happen. A healthy body needs a larger current of qi circulation in order to have the qi sensation.

c. Feeling more does not means better. There are many experienced practitioners who can heal disease, however, the result is not as good as the novel practitioners.
This demonstrated that feeling more or less qi sensation does not indicated one's skill. People with poorer health often experienced with qi sensation quicker than people have a healthier body. Therefore, when one has a stronger qi sensation, it does not determine and confirm one's skill.

From the example demonstrated above, we concluded that qi sensation should not be used as a criterion to determine the effect of the technique or the practitioners' skill. For qi's invisible and energetic in nature, qigong instructors often used qi sensation to re-enforce the students' interest and curiosity. To understand any qigong technique better, one must practice the technique longer to accumulate more qi and the qi sensation will be obvious."

Below is list of things that I did that make this happen

Daily 10 Minutes   Tai Chi   5-7 days a week, AM - John Milton: T'ai Chi for Liberation (DVD)
Daily 1 1/2 Hours   Meditation   5-7 days a week: AM, 30 minutes, & PM, 1 hour to sleep
Daily 1/2 - 3 Hours   Reading   reading and rereading spiritual books
Daily 10 minutes   Yoga   Yoga - 5x week, 10-15 min per day, 16 positions- complete guide to this:
Weekly 1 Hour   Studying   Studying trigger points, acupuncture meridians, Reiki, and taking notes of what I felt in my body.
Weekly 3 1/2 hours   Singing   30 minutes Daily - I  created a playlist on you tube that was 30 minutes long and I sang along with songs that made me feel strong emotion (worship - devotion - bhakti)
Daily   Eating   Eating a diet high in raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables and juicing - (fresh food is full of Chi.)
Daily   Sattva   Keeping my mind Sattvic or being in Samadhi by balancing the gunas (3 energies in the subtle body.)
Daily   Cleaning the mind   Cleaning up the mind & bad habits - click here for practices.
Daily   Juice fasting   I try to drink 1 fresh green veggie juice per day in place of a meal.

Big Boosts from Juice Fasts: 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 10 days, 14 days, 30 days, 40 days; only fresh juiced, juiced at home.



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