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I was struck by lightning in 2008.
I do not know how to explain the experience.
It was painful and mind blowing all at once.
Since then, I have felt vibration when touching gem stones and known things I "should not know" when I meet people.
My hands burn when they are experiencing a physical ailment and I seem to "know" where the problem stems from.
I have "seen" things that have not happened yet and at times see things through what seem to be someone else's eyes. This is most disconcerting, yet when I accept that it is happening, I am at peace.
This is contrary to my Christian upbringing, so as a result, I am very confused.
My eyes are opening to a whole new world and I am unsure which way to turn....
My senses tell me one thing, but my upbringing says another.

Melissa in Texas


Hello Melissa,

Thank you for sharing your story with me! Wow!

I was a Christian when this stuff began to happen to me. Wow, we have a lot in common. It took me a long, long time to integrate all that Christian stuff into my brain too, so don't be hard on yourself. For years I was scared to death of anything evil, or demonic, I had so much fear. All because of what they said in church. I thought psychic stuff was witchcraft and all that bull crap... all because "they told me that".

I spent years reading the biographies of saints - this is one of the first steps and I would encourage you to do this.  Read about the saints - their autobiographies.  Don't bother with commentaries or with what other people think about this or that.  Read what the actual saints wrote in their own words, about their own experiences.  Do this with any religion or all of them. Get familiar with the terms and concepts they use, and learn how their life made these experiences happen.

For instance, when I read Theresa of Avilla - she describes being stabbed thru the heart by an angel's sword with love for God. I wept when I read that - because I knew what she meant.  I had my heart chakra open too, and that's what she was talking about! There was no doubt in my mind... I knew what she meant.  We had both experienced the same thing, and given it different words.

I started feeling energy when the muffler fell off my car.  My feet vibrated on the bottom from it, and hours later they were still doing it.  Its been years now, and they still vibrate all the time.  I've had that foot energy rise up and shoot out my head too.  There is a 'chi energy well' in the foot, called bubbling spring.  For some reason, the car vibrating made me "aware" of it, I have no idea why.  But I've read some indigenous tribes put the devoted into these giant spinning chairs, to make them have such experiences - so motion may be a trigger. 

((No qi (chi) sensation does not mean no effect. The amount of qi sensation is determined by one's meridians, experience, physical condition, and external factors such as the body has contacted with electricity, stimulus, physical labor, and medication. People generally said that they do not feel anything because they do not have any pre-experienced. These people do not know what to expect and do not know how to describe the feeling. For more on this:

Once I learned about "the Self", I was hooked.  If you have not read that part of my site, please do.  Religions aim high, but fall short because their vision is skewed by too much opinion and interpretation by those who don't live it nor experience it.  People give it lip service and that's it.

You are experiencing it!  When you experience it - and it is no longer a concept nor a simple symbol nor a story -it is reality and things really change.  It may take years for your brain to fully adjust to it though, so be gentle on yourself.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

Melissa @

HI. I love all you're pieces. I was immediately drawn to them when going thru gemstone bracelets.  I'm learning what this thing I have been born with who I really am. I have ability to feel strong energy in rooms and with people and just learning. My mother is a healer and it runs in my blood third generation of shamans in family line. I am very drawn to moonstone as I have a ring that I wear that mother gave me and turquoise. I'd like to know your insight to wearing you're bracelets as I see you said its a amplifier of energy.  I'm deciding between this one and ur moonstone triple goddess one the goddess one I'm drawn to first, strongly


My gut says go for the all white one. That one has very pure energy because of the white quartz. I think this is why you are drawn to it. Only the pure of heart become aware of these energies. It also has a strong triple aspect. Some call it the Goddess, but in reality it is the Divine Self - which You are. The Divine Self is always pure, untouched, unblemished. On one level you know this, that instinct draws you to itself this way. Its a reflection of your inner state.

The blue one with Sodalite is good too, it will boost instincts and intuition. Really good stuff for a beginner and someone who just dabbles here and there.

Ok, these are my thoughts and beliefs, others may think entirely different...

The energies I believe are always the same. Although we say, its a "high energy" thing or a "low energy" thing etc., its really our awareness of the energy that is high or low.

There have been times when my awareness is so sharp that I feel internally the slightest movement of another persons hand in the air when they are talking. It is WILD! And there are times that the energy seems very mild. This morning I woke up with my hand blasting energy like bad electricity in a very cartoon like way. I put my hand on my foot for a while and it went into my foot.

Anyway, these items I make I think of as focus tools. The people who come closest to the Source and have a direct link are the ones who can put their ego/mind aside - even if only for a few minutes - and take the seat of the soul. Any focus tool that helps you shed the ego, the conditioning, the mind (the programming that we all have) and take that soul seat is a thing of beauty and grace that makes the soul sing when you see it.

I hope some of that made sense.
Melissa @

Wow, yes to everything I am aware yes. Yes Id do that too Id put my hand on feet and energy would go there too. When i was connecting with my higher self months ago i had to shed or death to ego so and align with my chakras to become enlightened with higher self. I am aware of ego its a fake identification of self. its all the conditioning of years of brainwashing i had to undue. and allow the soul to come to surface yes.. I had a time where id go into my college classroom and my hand i would feel be pulled to another person right next to me getting really warm and tingle. I am pure of heart and aware.. and yes this is a tool to keep my vibrations and energy focused high like using stones I used to hold in bag Herkimer diamond (amplifier), amethyst, raw termaline, blue topaz, bloodstone. I will be forward with u the reason why I turned away from it 2 months ago because I had spirits out of no ware (my mom said from being open and not protecting myself or grounded maybe), in my old apt. They would touch me all over my body down my legs and touch my back when id try and sleep. And I wouldn't be able to go to sleep to mad late. Every time they'd show presence would be right before bed my ears would start to ring my vibration would go up. Then it went from that to they'd follow me wherever Id go to family's house to my job. I tried the purge house with sage, and salt in corner etc and didn't work they wouldn't leave. So after two months those night accuracies are gone on there own. Couple times here and there they show presence out of no where when trying to go to sleep but they go away when i just ignore them. I noticed since then I'm not the same like I still can feel things this is all since becoming aware few months ago and having my body shake one day when meditating and feeling amazing and couldn't move and just in state of being.

That has a lot of my experiences if you want to read more. It will probably answer a lot of your questions.

This sensation you have as you drift to sleep - feeling like something is touching you. This exact thing happened to me. It started when I was very young and since I was raised a Christian, I believed it was evil beings. I fought it off and ignored it until it did go away somewhat.

When I began to meditate in the last few years - it started happening again. After a few months of meditation, it would happen to me whenever I would get in bed, as I was drifting off to sleep. I was the biggest chicken and scared out of my freaking mind. I finally decided.. I would just allow it to happen. I began to TRUST what was happening. That is when I really became psychic. These sensations are chi - the exact same thing you see on meridian charts (acupuncture). Search on meridians and get a look at them. It is a great blessing to feel chi! But it does feel like things are touching you. I've even felt sensations that feel exactly like someone is sticking a finger thru my spine or thru my skin.

This stuff happens because you are advancing spiritually. These things are what life long Buddhist mediators are hoping and praying happens to them! Its normal for it to happen in that space between awake and asleep. That is actually a deep meditative state that most people are only in for a few seconds.

What you are feeling is called Subtle Body Energy.  In Chinese Medicine it is called chi, in India they call it the chakras; anyway it is all good. There is no real way to turn it off it is a psychic thing and it will come back. You must turn off your fear of it and accept that it is a blessing.

Melissa @

I would like to know why is it that I'm in a perpetual rut? I can't seem to hold on to money. I can't even get a man to look at me. And no matter how hard I try I always have an impending feeling of doom.
What is blocking my path? What can I do??


You are describing Tamas energy perfectly. Tamas energy is dull, heavy, and feels sluggish and comes with feelings of doom.  While you are in it - there seems to be no escape.  If you are living out of tamas, your whole life will feel like this, no matter what you do.

Basically, there are 3 energies that we all experience all the time: Raja, Sattva, & Tamas.

Tamas is good for sleep - without it you would have insomnia.  It is very grounding, but otherwise holds you back.  Tamas is the lower chakras.

Raja is a passionate, fast, demanding energy.  Its full of wants and desires.  People who are predominately rajasic are on the go go go, until they sit still for 2 minutes and then they go out like a light, right to sleep.  Usually they live on coffee and sugar.

Usually raja and tamas go together.  For instance, the more one uses coffee to wake up - the more tamas the mind actually becomes. (raja does not cure tamas, they are opposites of each other and work in tandem.)

Sattva - the 3rd energy  - this is the energy everyone wants to cultivate.  Sattva is a perfect flow, you feel wonderful, you mind is at ease, your day goes great - and even when it doesnt, you handle it with ease.  When you are in sattva - you love life and yourself because it is easy.  Everyday should be sattvic!  Sattva operates in the higher chakras.

I would suggest reading this:

And this, on the 3 Energies; Sattva, Rajas, & Tamas:

But to get you started, you need to cut down on an stimulants like coffee or tea.  You need to eat fresh, uncooked fruit.  If you are healthy enough I would suggest  a simple tai chi video that promotes sattva Tai Chi for Liberation by John Milton.  And you have to exercise a bit, even if it is just taking a walk around the block 1 time a day.  These things dramatically improve tamas energy, turning it into sattva.

If you are wondering if this will work, do a test.  Eat nothing but fresh. uncooked fruit for 1-3 days and take a walk around the block (a very short walk will suffice) 2-3 times a day for 3 days.  The lack of the tamasic foods and the introduction of the Sattvic foods and the walking will put you in sattva within a day.  Once you experience it yourself, you will know and understand a bit more.

Melissa @

hello, you have pretty bracelets :) i have a question, which one do you think would work best for someone with anxiety attacks/panic attacks/feeling of being hexed.

thanks for your help.


Goddess of Protection Bracelet - counters black magic, hexes, curses, etc. It also drains off excess or unwanted energies, which should help with panic attacks.

Usually panic attacks are a sign that you are super sensitive to energies, which is a good thing, although it feels awful! (It means you could become psychic). So draining off those excess energies that are not being used except to give you panic attacks, should help you a lot.

Mantras really helped me. Mantras are extremely protective for the mind. When I was extremely scared I would repeat in my head "help, healing, medicine" which was exactly what I wanted and needed. I did this for several months, especially at night as I drifted off to sleep.

You have to find the trust too. Whether it be the Goddess & God, or energy, or whatever you choose. For instance, when I first became psychic it was extremely scary for me, so I practiced trusting the psychic energy that I felt. I practiced that, kept telling myself to trust it, it would be ok, it was a natural thing, a good thing, Trust, Trust, Trust... and I tried to let go and let the psychic energy do what it may to me... I surrendered to it. It felt like a lie, but I kept at it until it worked on me. It took about 6 months, but I finally let go and now I trust the psychic energies that I feel completely.

I wrote a piece on combating fear:

I hope some of that helps some, blessings :)

Melissa @

Hi Melissa!

Wow thank you so very much for taking to type out such an informative email. When I was younger I was "psychic" a bit I would get images in my head (never saw dead people)

What I dont like is I feel a scared feeling like when you watch a scary movie and you are just waiting for the killer to jump out of a closet. At night I will be sleeping right next to my hub but I feel I am alone like all by myself in a big scary place with something looking at me although I can't see anything.

The reason I asked about hex, a so called friend of my (ex friend) her best friend did black magic, this was years ago suddenly I became ill and dr's couldnt find anything wrong, as well as this so called friends boyfriend got the same thing, that's when i got away from her cause seems people around her were getting sick or dying!!! then both her own parents died 6 months apart and she inherited their house. scary stuff.

this is when all my panic attacks started. i am on medication for it which helps but spirtually i feel something is wrong i feel like the air around me gets thick/heavy.

i have been to so many dr's, 4 different psychiatrists all say its anxiety.

i have no zest for life left my spirits feels broken :(


I do not know if any of this applies to you.. in case it does...

When I first felt energy, it was sounds. Every little sound startled me. I felt like I was having hundreds of little adrenalin attacks a day! It was awful. I was all hyped up, my heart skipping! Whew! Later I learned I wasn't having adrenalin at all it – I was metaphysically “feeling” the sounds psychically! But until I realized this and began to look at these adrenalin attacks a whole new way – it really scared the crap out of me and stressed me out. I was so stupid that I thought everyone was overly loud and noisy! I thought I was having the fight/flight response happen to almost every sound, even the almost silent ones such as another person’s breath when everyone else was sleeping!

I didn't sleep for 2 years because I would feel inside my body psychically every single breath my husband and son took while they slept. It was like bombs going off! It startled me and stressed me out. I was really scared that there was something seriously wrong with me.

Once I let go of "thinking" and "believing" it was adrenalin and stress, I no longer was stressed out by the feeling. I began to just "feel" the feeling instead of thinking it was something bad.

A Buddhist man I met who meditated for 20 years told me he had the same thing happen to him - for just an hour or two after meditation. He told me the name of it, I can't recall now. He said it was a blessing! Some kind of heightened awareness and connection to everything. Hell, I had been cursing everyone for years for being too loud. I felt all the sounds right in my heart! It was very overwhelming... not a blessing at all.

Then I began to notice some people gave off this feeling. When they walked by me, my gut sank, I flushed embarrassed, and I felt adrenalin – but these were all *psychic* sensations, and not real body sensations. I think I did not know how to interpret them, so I just assumed it was a sickness or something wrong with me.

A lot of the things I feel are very physical feeling. They feel like body sensations but they are not. Before I understood this, I would have all kinds of mood swings about every sensation.

Some of the sensations I feel seem very mental also. But, they are not. It took me a long time to realize it was not physical nor mental. It really seems like it, it really does!

When my husband gets upset, I get hit with this giant wave of depression. This wave is not my mind, nor my feelings... I'm not sure what it is! I know its a psychic thing now tho, and I let it go. It passes quickly if I do not *hold* onto it as if its my emotions. I used to hold it, not let it go, and start a fight with him while I was feeling it - thinking it was him attacking me with negative energy. It is a very uncomfortable feeling.. haha! But at least I know its not my feeling now. I think its like a brain fart.. he farts and I smell it for 10 minutes or so.. then it fades. That is, if I keep my mouth shut. If I start to attack him while I smell it, all hell breaks loose!

I hope some of that helps,
Melissa @


hello again, just wanted to share something with you real quick. i woke up this morning and i had a very strange feeling around me, like scared like things were near me (i don't sleep with bracelet on but i guess i should?) i was like scared to get out of my bed because i felt like something was lurking.....very weird, heavy i took a few deep breaths told myself i am safe....went downstairs and put my bracelet on.......within 30 seconds i felt 100% better !!

i can't stand that feeling, its like i feel so paranoid.

just wanted to say wow this bracelet really really REALLLLLY works!!!! (But you obviously know this already haha)

epsychic opening bracelet     To have one like this  custom-made in your size, send me a message here.

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Thanks for telling me this :D I am so happy that it is working well for you! It worked well for me too. I was happy for anything that worked when things were really weird & scary, especially at bed time.

I have felt this really weird, heavy crushing energy moving up my arms a few times. The first time it scared me very badly and I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. It came with feelings like there was something in the room with me. Later I learned it was old chi that had been blocked for a while, starting to move. If that's the case with you, its a really good sign. If you feel it again, scan your body and see if you have any physical symptoms in your body and take note of where they are. I know its hard to do when you are scared, it took me a long time to meditate while being scared out of my mind, but eventually I was able to do it with the help of a mantra and then it stopped happening - I was no longer scared!

Melissa @

the first physical symptom I feel is a sense of fear, my head feels lightheaded and I get the overwhelming feeling that I am going to cry with the lump in my throat and tears ready to start.....then I feel like I'm not getting enough air almost like I forget how to breathe correctly, I almost feel like things are trying to contact me or talk to me my mind starts racing but I don't hear words its just that I can't focus and then I fear I am losing my mind....its like someone flipping the tv channels really really fast, thoughts going so fast thru my head........almost like you are speeding down the highway with your head out the window and you just can't focus on any one thing.

I imagined a protective bubble around myself too and also that a door is closing on my head and I said some prayers as well that seem to help.

can't stand nighttime from now on I'm sleeping with the bracelet on, I never slept with jewelry, but looks like I'm going to have to.

i learned this prayer on a paranormal show:

God's white light surrounds me
God's love enfolds me
God's power protects me
Only good can come to me
So be it

Also I say I cover myself in the blood of Jesus Christ.

Just thought I'd share.


I did the same type of thing for a long time! I had my bracelet, a rosary, and I fall asleep listening to the nuns from the catholic channel do the rosary - sister angelica. I had 2 of the shows that I recorded back to back that ran an hour :D it made an excellent meditation.

Thanks for sharing :D Oh, I'm not catholic either, but it did help!
The rosary worked like a mantra after a while, my mind would follow it effortlessly and I would drift off to sleep.

Melissa @

Hello -- Love your stuff. I work in healthcare and am zapped at the end of the day from absorbing people's energy. Any suggestions as to what to wear to help modulate that? thanks.
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Thanks for your kind words. The easy answer is Black Onyx. That is really good for people who are are drained by others. Any dark stone in earth colors is good, reds, browns, blacks. (root chakra).

I designed the Third Eye Blast Bracelet for myself when my abilities began to emerge.  serious protection from being drained.

If you want to go in depth, it depends on if its more mental, physical, or spiritual.

I'm very sensitive and I have to protect myself when I'm in public or large groups, or I feel everything that other people throw out. I use clear quartz, black quartz, hematite, onyx. I carry a medicine pouch with coin bags inside with sacred tobacco and sage. I bless places and people with just a pinch when leaving. I do a psychic shield visualization and prayer before I go. And I have learned that the more I give, the less drained I become - that may not be true for everyone. When I became aware that abilities were emerging (meditation boosted this) I immediately began to raise my hands to the sky and send energy out to others. The more I did this, the more energy I had. The less I did this, the more tired I became. Personally I believe that we all steal each others energies when we need it, but that if we learn to connect to the source then there is an endless supply. Reiki type meditations can help with that. If you want to know more about anything I mentioned, let me know. Being sensitive to energies and being drained by people is a sign that you could go further down the road toward psychic abilities.

Melissa @

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