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Goddess of Protection Bracelet in Tourmaline, Clear Quartz Crystal, Hematite

Goddess Protection Bracelet|Witchcraft Magick Bracelet for Protection Goddess of Protection Bracelet in Tourmaline, Clear Quartz Crystal, Hematite|Triple Goddess Protection Jewelry
Protection Bracelet for Witches Wiccans Pagans Goddess Lovers! Goddess Protection Bracelet in Tourmaline, Clear Quartz Crystal, Hematite Goddess of Protection Bracelet|Wiccan Jewelry

Goddess of Protection Bracelet handcrafted by an Energy Psychic

Goddess of Protection Bracelet offers serious energy protection and deflection; made with Rutilated Quartz (Tourmaline in Quartz Crystal), Clear Quartz Crystal, and Hematite on a stainless steel wire bendable circle that will retain its circular shape and can be bent  to fit your wrist almost perfectly!

Goddess of Protection Bracelet offers serious protection from ALL forms of negative energies: psychic, mental, physical, spiritual, and subtle.


Item # 301  -  $30

Goddess of Protection Bracelet



Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones in this piece of jewelry:

Tourmaline in Quartz Crystal: Grounds the root chakra firmly and drains off excess unwanted energies, calming and soothing you. Has the ability to repel, transform, deflect, and protect against negative energies of all types, including black magick and curses. Serious energy cleansing of person and area, and aura. Deflects radiation from technological appliances. Promotes tranquility and emotional stability by dispelling fears, phobias, neurotic tendencies, obsessions, etc...

Clear Quartz Crystal: Used for just about everything; dream-work, all kinds of spells, meditation, protection, Healings, energy work, etc. This is a great tool for spell-work because it will boost and amplify and/or expand energy, power, and intentions.  Keywords for Clear Quartz Crystal: Power, harmony, balances, purifies, protection, communication with spirits & other unseen worlds, crown chakra, counter negativity, "Master Healer", counter bad / black magic, cleanses, opens, and activates all chakras, spiritual growth, higher self.

Hematite: protection; physically & mentally, & for cleansing the surroundings of harmful negativity. Keywords for Hematite: Protection, grounding, calm, Mind, organization, original thinking, math, logic, decreases negativity, balance, insomnia, root chakra, spine, stabilizes & cleanses energies.


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