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Info on the chakras by someone who experiences them!

Chakras are simply functions of the subtle body (the mind, emotions, and intellect).  People do not control the chakras, contrary to what they may believe.  The chakras activate and deactivate as a side effect of how people live their life – their feelings, thoughts, words, and actions.

When they say Chakra in Sanskrit means “wheel” – it is not a simply a metaphor, it is reality.  Chakras are simply wheels or cogs in the Grand Machine.  (The Grand Machine is very similar to a computer program.)  Chakras are not intelligent.  Chakras are not self aware; they are completely inert.   Chakras are more like a windmill or a child’s pinwheel than most would like to admit – subject to the wind (mind; mind rides wind.)

The bottom chakra is always on – rather you feel it or not. Most people have a few chakras on at all times, not always on “full power” or cycling in a healthy way, but never-the-less, they are on.  If your chakras were not on – you would be dead.

Chakras activate or deactivate according to how you live your life.  Doing a simple meditation or visualization to activate your chakras may work temporarily, but it is little more than a band aid; a temporary fix.  It will not keep your chakras on indefinitely.  If you want to permanently activate your upper chakras – from the heart chakra upwards – you have to live the life that supports them. 

Feeling or sensing the chakras does not make them better or worse.  If you feel your chakras and then one day you don’t feel them, this does not mean that they are not active.  You temporarily lost the ability to feel them.  The ability to feel the chakras comes and goes with the mind or subtle body.  It comes and goes with your attention to spiritual things.  This does not imply high energy or low energy or that there is a problem with your chakras. 

If you feel your chakras, this means that you can see “the man behind the curtain”; you are getting a glimpse of the Grand Machine and how it works.  It really is a machine, and the chakras are simply a small part of it.  I began to feel my chakras as a side effect of my spiritual practices which are extensive.  I often feel sounds, emotions, and thoughts hitting my chakras.  Sometimes I feel my chakras spinning, other times not.  Sometimes I feel vortexes in a very uncomfortable way.  The times I have experienced undeniable full force chakra sensations were during deep meditation.  The kundalini experiences I had with the chakras was like a jet engine taking off – it was extremely powerful and scary.  Not a simple “oh, may be I feel something” sensation.  For in depth explanations of what the different psychic energies feel like, click here.

The Great Sages agree that most *worldly* (non-spiritual people) who feel or sense their chakras may be ill in some way, mentally, emotionally, or physically, yet these same people often think they are superior to others who can’t feel the chakras.  More sensation does not always mean better, especially in this instance.  (I first discovered mine after an illness.)

If you experience your chakras, you should dispassionately observe them; get to know them and their functions.  This will help you gain knowledge of the true nature of reality.  Through activating the chakras you may have a spiritual or psychic experience, but this new state of mind or experience will not be permanent, nor lasting.  No one and no thing can give you  permanent experience or state.  All states and experiences are transitory.  If through your spiritual practice you are seeking the Eternal Reward, understand that chakra activation may be a side effect of your spiritual practice, but it is not a way or path to achieve siddhis (powers), freedom, or perfection on its own.

The upper chakras will activate: when you are turning inwards toward the Source, when you have a quiet mind, when you are introverted and live your life inward – not seeking to change or modify your experience and you accept life as it is with gratitude and joy.

Finally, there are  Shaktipat Gurus who can zap you with psychic energy and activate your chakras - this will help you gain experiences.  But, these experiences will not last – these experiences are not permanent.  As wonderful as these experiences are, they will end and your mind will come back to exactly where it was before you had the experience - if you are not living the life the supports the chakras!

There are no short cuts on the spiritual path.  The chakras do not personally care about you because these forces are inert and impersonal.  The reason for these experiences is to guide you to the path of higher knowledge and to draw you closer to the Source.  If you are seeking experience, after experience, after experience – you are not learning, you have simply become an experience junkie and the spiritual world is full of experience junkies going nowhere fast.  Experience is great, but it is not the end, but merely a taste.. to make you hunger for more and hopefully get you moving in the right direction.  Namaste to All.

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