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Rainbow Moonstone Hecate Ring - Wish Ring - Amulet Ring

Wish Ring|Rainbow Moonstone Amulet Ring for Wishing Rainbow Moonstone Wish Ring|Amulet Jewelry

Rainbow Moonstone Hecate Ring in Sterling Silver 925, size 9 only.

Honoring the Goddess of Magick - the Triple Goddess Hecate, Goddess of Crossroads.

Unlimited Wishes.  STRONG energies of Light & Love.

Comes with Wishing Instructions.

This is a hand-made ring and will not look like factory mold rings.  It will have personality (i.e. small imperfections due to its hand-made nature.  This adds to its beauty making each ring one of a kind.)


Metaphysical Properties of Crystals & Gemstones in this piece of jewelry:

MOONSTONE: enhances feminine charms; increasing psychic abilities, women's natural intuition, and sensitivities. Keywords for Moonstone: Goddess, Heart Chakra, love, gentleness, intuition, psychic, ESP, protection, feminine energies, feminine charms, creativity, compassion, balance, harmony, rainbow, light, clearing or cleansing energies, granting wishes. 

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