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Rainbow Moonstone Wish Bracelet Wish Bracelet|Rainbow Moonstone Amulet Jewelry
Rainbow Moonstone Amulet Bracelet|Amulet bracelets jewelry Amulet Jewelry|Rainbow Moonstone Amulet Bracelet

Rainbow Moonstone Wish Bracelet/Amulet Bracelet 2 in natural Rainbow Moonstone with flash and Blue Sodalite.  

Wish Bracelet instructions provided.  

Will retain the circular shape - crafted on strong stainless steel circular wire.

Adjustable size - 7 1/2 - 8 inches. 

Other sizes available - contact us  before purchase.


Rainbow Moonstone Wish Bracelet/Amulet Bracelet  -   item #  387  -   $50

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Metaphysical Properties of Crystals & Gemstones in this piece of jewelry:

RAINBOW MOONSTONE: enhances feminine charms; increasing psychic abilities, women's natural intuition, and sensitivities. Keywords for Moonstone: Goddess, Heart Chakra, love, gentleness, intuition, psychic, ESP, protection, feminine energies, feminine charms, creativity, compassion, balance, harmony, rainbow, light, clearing or cleansing energies, granting wishes.

SODALITE: Will help increase knowledge & learning on all levels. Fuses intuitive knowledge with reason. We all have intuition, but the real questions are: How can we know when it is real intuition? When should we act on it? How should we act on it? Sodalite will fuse your intuitive knowledge with your reason so that you can act appropriately on your intuition when you want or need to. Keywords for Sodalite: Logic, intelligence, knowledge, learning, efficient, communication, truth, end arguments, work in groups, honesty of emotions, spiritual, insomnia, glands, digestion, colds & flu, throat & brow chakra.

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