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Protection Bracelet/Amulet Bracelet hand crafted by an Energy Psychic.

Protection Bracelet Protection Bracelet|Amulet jewelry
Protection Bracelet|wiccan jewelry Protection Bracelet|Amulet jewelry

Protection Bracelet/Amulet Bracelet has strong protective energies; both mental and physical protection. 

Protection Bracelet will deflect negative energies, cleanse the area, and offers strong grounding.

Protection Bracelet is made of Hematite with a center bead of Red Brecciated Jasper, on a stainless steel wire circle.

Adjustable 7 1/2 - 8 inches long. Other sizes available, contact us before purchase.


Metaphysical Properties of Crystals & Gemstones in this piece of jewelry:

Hematite: protection; physically & mentally, & for cleansing the surroundings of harmful negativity. 

Keywords for Hematite: Protection, grounding, calm, Mind, organization, original thinking, math, logic, decreases negativity, balance, insomnia, root chakra, spine, stabilizes & cleanses energies.

Brecciated Jasper: Jasper with Hematite in it. Used for protection. Deflects negative energies, good for illnesses; physical and mental. Aligns all the chakras. This is a great grounding tool that promotes over all health.  

Keywords for Brecciated Jasper: wholeness, relaxation, stress relief, dowsing, aligns chakras, balances chi, yin yang, protection, protection and grounding during astral travel & lucid dreaming, nightmares, night terrors, connection / communication with animals, animal lover, root chakra, wards away evil, healthy, high on life, live life to its fullest, good outlook on life, easy going.

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