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Bloodstone Amulet Protection Jewelry Bloodstone Protection Bracelet|Amulet Jewelry
Bloodstone Protection Bracelet Bloodstone Bracelet|Amulet protection jewelry

Bloodstone Protection Amulet Bracelet 2

Large Bloodstone Gemstone surrounded by Hematite - Crafted by an Energy Psychic.

Made on strong Stainless Steel wire that retains the circle shape

Adjustable from 7 1/2 inches to 8 inches.  Contact us before purchase if you need another size


 Bloodstone Protection Amulet Bracelet 2   -   item #  355-4   -   $65

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Metaphysical Properties of Crystals & Gemstones in this piece of jewelry:

Bloodstone: Contains Mystical Energies. Helps with survival situations, heightens instincts, and unblocks the lower 3 chakras. The perfect grounding stone for mystics and sensitives. Good for those who get overwhelmed and those who multi-task for a living. Great stone for Healers, doctors, nurses, and those who work with the public.

Hematite: protection; physically & mentally, & for cleansing the surroundings of harmful negativity & negative energies.

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