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Rainbow Moonstone Protection Bracelet Sunstone Amulet Protection Bracelet Amulet Sunstone
Amulet Protection Jewelry Bracelet Rainbow Moonstone Sunstone Rainbow Moonstone Sunstone Amulet Protection Bracelet Jewelry

Protection Bracelet/Amulet Bracelet is an extremely protective bracelet honoring the Goddess & God in Rainbow Moonstone & Sunstone surrounded by Hematite.  On a stainless steel wire circle that will retain its circle shape.  Adjustable from 7 1/2 - 8  inches long - other sizes available, contact us before purchase.


Protection Bracelet; Rainbow & Moonstone Sunstone Amulet Bracelet 2  -   item #  318   -   $50

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Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones in this piece of jewelry:

Rainbow Moonstone: enhances feminine charms; increasing psychic abilities, woman's natural intuition, and sensitivities.   Keywords for Rainbow Moonstone: Goddess, Heart Chakra, love, gentleness, intuition, psychic, ESP, protection, feminine energies, feminine charms, creativity, compassion, balance, harmony, rainbow, light, clearing or cleansing energies, granting wishes.

Sunstone: turns negative energies to positive, helps with fears and depression, increases personal power, energy, will, life force, sexual energy, good luck, stone of  God  (male deity).   Keywords for Sunstone: Fears, phobias, leadership, stress, power, energy, animal guides, familiars, spirit guides, stress, depression, sexual vitality.

Hematite: protection; physically & mentally, & for cleansing the surroundings of harmful negativity.  Keywords for Hematite: Protection, grounding, calm, Mind, organization, original thinking, math, logic, decreases negativity, balance, insomnia, root chakra, spine, stabilizes & cleanses energies.

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