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Love Spell Bracelet #2 in a deep, dark, natural red Garnet.

Love Spell Bracelet is the perfect Power Object for a Fiery Spirit; full of Love & Passion.

Love Spell Bracelet is for attracting a mate.

Offers strong protection and boosts the mystical side.

Cast your Love Spell today - with help from this Divinely inspired bracelet!

7.5 -  8 inches, adjustable size.  Other sizes are also available.  Contact us before purchase.


Love Spell Bracelet 2: Love Amulet in red Garnet   -   item #  304   -   $45

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Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones in this piece of jewelry:

Garnet: Love, passion, Sex, & protection from evil. 

Keywords for Garnet: Romantic, Love, Passion, Sex, Intimacy, Energy, Positivity, Mystical, Protection, Gentleness, Healing Spirits, Spirituality, Blood, Heart, Lungs, Root Chakra, Grounding, fire, feet on the ground.

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